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Every resident has the ability to change the behaviors which led to incarceration in our facility. This change is dependent upon the juvenile’s desire to alter his lifestyle, attitude, and thinking patterns. Every resident will have weekly individual counseling to aid them in identifying, challenging, and replacing previous “antisocial” thoughts/actions.

There are several assessment tools our therapist uses to indicate what modality of treatment will work best for each resident. The modalities mainly used by our therapist is expressive art therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). Our therapist specializes in grief, trauma, and substance use.

Another aspect our program utilizes if family therapy. Family therapy plays such an important role in the process of treatment. Family therapy will be at least one time per month, more if indicated by therapist. Our therapist uses Structured Family Therapy (SFT) to address various identified “issues” within the home.

Our therapist uses a range of evidenced based practices to ensure highest level of service delivery. Currently, PMCJF can offer in-person family therapy sessions and Telehealth sessions. The use of Telehealth allows the therapist to have more family involvement during these unforeseen times.

Each resident will also attend cognitive intervention groups focused on substance abuse, criminal and additive thinking, as well has pro-social skill building. At this time, PMCJF offers the following groups to all resident’s that meet the criteria.

  • Safe Circles
  • Skill Streaming
  • Substance Abuse
  • Pro Life Skills
  • Thinking For a Change
  • Safe Dates
  • Moral Reasoning
  • ACT
  • Brain Power (Drug Education)
  • Victim Impact


Generally, the resident, depending on “risk level,” will receive between 160-220 hours of group therapy while at PMCJF.

If you have any concerns, in regard to counseling or programming, please contact our therapist at 740-342-9700 ext 115 or by email

Sarah Lang (Clinical Coordinator)