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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is acceptable clothing? What are visiting hours? What is the phone call policy?

Perry Multi-County Juvenile Facility

Frequently Asked Questions


Clothes must be in good condition, as they will need to last the duration of your child’s stay.  Please do not bring in any items unless it meets the facility criteria. If any questions in regard to clothing or shoes, contact the Director, Jay Conrad, for approval.  Approved clothing colors are gray, navy, black or white


  • 4 pairs of underwear TOTAL (we understand the underwear might come in larger packs, and what is left over after (once the resident has their 4) goes into their intake area so they will be able to use them the rest of their stay.
  • 4 pairs of socks TOTAL (black and gray are preferred as they resist stains)
  • 1 pair of economy tennis shoes (used or cost less than $55.00-Provide the receipt upon arrival)
  • 1 pair of shower sandals (should not have “memory foam” in them)
  • 4 bottoms TOTAL (the bottoms can be any of the following; shorts “basketball shorts” lounge pants, or sweatpants.) There maybe no “Large Logos” on the items. All strings will be cut from the clothing items, and no pockets are best. Hanes Brand (at Walmart) makes “basic” sweatpants/shorts for a good price.
  • 4 Tops TOTAL (The tops can be any of the following; Sweatshirt (no “hoodies”) and basic “plain” t-shirts. There maybe no “large Logos” on the items. Hanes Brand (at Walmart) makes “basic” T-Shirts/ Sweaters for a good price.


Note: Any items brought into the facility with pockets or strings will have strings removed and pockets sewn shut for safety and security.  All concerns of gang related items will be addressed on an individual basis and may be prohibited (sports team apparel, colors, shoe type, etc)



As we are still processing through the Pandemic (COVID-19), we have been maintaining on-going “Skype” visits since the Pandemic stated. Each resident will be allowed to “Skype” on Wednesdays and Saturdays. They are currently allowed to “Skype” for 15 minutes and the video call will be monitored by our staff. Furthermore, we have slowly intergraded “in-person” visits, but based upon the COVID-19 monitoring system. We will be in touch with all families when we begin scheduling “in-person” visits for the upcoming months. As a visitor, you must wear a mask, sanitize hands, and maintain 6 feet distance. Visits can be stopped at any time due to the COVID-19 policy and procedures and following our local Health Department’s Orders. Visitors will be dismissed if all rules are not followed.  *Visitation rules/ availability can change monthly, depending on various factors. You will be notified of any changes via phone call or Skype message in a timely manner. All visit times/days are at the Director’s discretion and are subject to change.

Phone calls:

Residents may ONLY speak with APPROVED family members. Must be approved by the Director and Probation Officer. No Three-way calling. No discussing of “on-going” issues with friends/family. This increases the resident’s anxiety/anger and will need to be discussed with the facility staff before brought up on a phone call.

  • Unit A Tuesday or Thursday from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm
  • Unit B Monday or Friday from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm